The Outcast #01 — World’s Flimsiest Zombies

July 9th, 2016



As I said last night, I've got some logistical stuff to do for a little bit in about half an hour. I'm not yet sure the extent of it. Could take 15 minutes. Could take an hour. I'll get to the rest of Saturday morning's shows once I'm done. At least those I care to.


Girl fighting zombies, or dishtowel sitting in a hole, making faces and yelling. Which of these two things sounds like it would be more interesting? If you said the latter, then great! Here's a show that caters to your unique tastes. You'll also be excited to learn that zombies can be killed by stabbing them anywhere. Mouth, stomach, chest, all weak points. Hell, a hard kick to knock a couple over is apparently enough to keep them from being a threat any more. The ones in this world would probably die from a bad hangnail. At least they're consistent in that every member of this supposed family is dumb as rocks with the social graces of a bonobo.

I guess it's supposed to be an action show, but there was very little focus on the action for me to fully believe that. Too much 'comedic' screaming for it to even be pretending at horror, despite all the close-ups of pigeon faces. The male lead is of the constantly screaming his head off variety, while the female lead is of the socially imbecilic but it's funny for some reason magic sister girlfriend flavor. Both are obnoxious on their own, but somehow even worse when briefly put together. Together, they either fight or yell at zombies that could be defeated by a stiff breeze… which is good news for the yelly guy, I guess.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • PP2 says:

    I can hear the screaming from looking at the screenshots, yikes.

  • The Phantom says:

    This show made no sense whatsoever, and the chemistry between leads is non existent, o yea the plot is non existent too, and Male lead needs to STFU.

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe I don’t understand the level of emasculation in japan(japan? they do seem to have Chinese names) but if I spotted a woman who I suspected of digging my grandfathers grave I would not run away in panic.The second time it was more understandable but once she dropped the knife and started throwing on the dirt I expected him to make use of this this some otome game/LN adaptation?
    Her abandoning him mid fight was the only interesting thing about the ep, it was not funny but at least it was something I had not seen before.This seem to be Chinese zombies so other weak points are not really a problem, then again I don’t see paper on their faces, nor do they hop

    Nitpicks: takes a day and a half for the zombies to rise?What knocked the graves over?
    2.Why plot?Why did she need a fake ID to fake being his sister (is the twist that she was lying about lying?)She knew about his lighting powers but still was trying to bury him?maybe it was all part of the plan to make him awaken to his power and bring him into the organization but so far it all looked stupid.
    3. circumference of the knife is not big enough for a torso.I looked to see if was a hatchet but nope its a regular knife.Im not going to on about how “realistically” it would lose sharpness or something like that and I know katana are overused but at least give me something plausible .Im not hard to please, in few shows I even believed a guy blocking a magic sword with a bamboo sword
    4.”oh this must be a dream” I think this is in my top 5 hated lines that protagonists say when they can’t face reality/are in shock
    5.antagonist is a pappy 12 year old and his assistant also seems to be a retard.+ a nee chan that eats dead bodies while moaning like a promiscuous woman
    6.magic sister girlfriend type plots only really work with cute character designs. I mean imagine that type of plot with black lagoon art
    7.The girl is a social retard(possibly also an actual retard)and next ep will be transferred to protagonist’s school.if this show did not have a mildly distinct art style I would be dropping it right now

  • Anonymous says:

    I did not think it possible but I think this may end up being worse than Shikabane Hime