That Bath Show #03 — Clothing Explosions

July 23rd, 2016


We explode naked to transform. We explode naked when we lose.

I'm out of town from now until likely very late Sunday night. If there are any posts tomorrow, they'll come pretty late. Otherwise, they'll probably have to wait until Monday afternoon/evening.


For an episode where they actually kept their clothes on for most of it, I expected better, although hell if I could tell you why. Aside from a pre-OP aside, the entire first third of the episode was spent standing in front of the crystal, which can basically be summoned as "dunno what to do, but not gonna give up!" After that? Technobabble, technobabble, and more technobabble. Good god, people. All you needed to say was "We need a thingy because of… I don't know, magicness? Go get it." We could've been on to the meat of the episode in approximately three minutes.

And speaking of which, the one thing it is continuing to sort of do decently is setting up and continuing with some form of plot. All the A-Team getting infected by EVIL DARK BLOOD OF EVILDARKNESS provides giggling antagonists that they've already set up the protagonists as inferior to, and they're not whining or pissing around about having to fight them either. Hell, two of them tried to nuke one of them from behind while she was taunting others. Still though, a little too much tearful wailing for blood episode 3, and it doesn't have anywhere near the budget to make the fights look decent.

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