Tales of Zestiria #00 — And We’ll Kill This Kid Too!

July 3rd, 2016


That'll give her something to cry about!


Even though I haven't played the game, it's hard to ignore the things that I know about it; namely that none of the main characters so much as made an appearance in this episode, and not in the good way where every single one of them was bloodily murdered like Ga-Rei Zero did. Rather infamously, the female here gets unceremoniously booted out of the main plot and relegated to DLC after being advertised as the lead. That doesn't mean that they'll do the same here, theoretically having learned from Namco's mistakes, but pfft. This is anime. And ufotable. Their days of Futakoi Alternatives or Shinobudens are long long gone.

But anyway, given that it's just a credit roll ED instead of claymation, it should be self-evident that this probably won't be one of ufotable's stronger efforts. They can try the whole way through and get to play with the clay, or they can make a bunch of overdrawn backgrounds, jam CGI awkwardly into everything, animate a few very well down action scenes and spend the remaining 22 minutes of the episode with talking heads, pretty backgrounds, and talking feet. Yes, talking feet. Is that a step up from watching two dour men slowly circle each other? Who can say.

This would absolutely be more the latter than the former of their two basic show templates. When there is action, it looks visually fantastic, and they actually managed to provide a little weight to it this week by contextualizing it instead of UBW's simple "Look at some flashing lights for a while." And the backgrounds do make for very pretty screencaps. But fifteen plus minutes of the episode are still going to be spent watching people blather. This episode would've been nothing but improved if it had started at around the 17 minute mark when the apocalypse hit, all the princess's comrades got sucked into a doom tornado, and then they murdered a child in a CGI dragon tornado just for kicks. We didn't need fifteen minutes of doom approaches to establish sufficient context for why those things might be bad, and yet, that's what we got. Still, that's something to actually cry about, so that puts it far ahead of the sociopaths in a certain other continuing show later today who's on the chopping block.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    Well, the problem here with this anime… In what way will it stick to the Game story line? Are this anime allowed to tell her own story or are this episode telling us the Prolog/past of this female? the game used text and speak to tell us her past offscreen

    Well lets see

  • Paulo27 says:

    This was something, none of this was in the game, this is not the type of thing I imagine anyone thought about regarding her character while playing the game.
    Kinda wondering if it’s just gonna be super jarring going forward considering this doesn’t fit the tone of the game at all or if they are saying fuck it to the game’s plot.

  • residentgrigo says:

    Here is my Imdb review for the game, as information and i didn´t watch this crap: It's usually the follow-ups that fall short Tales of Zestiria is better that the universally nonsensical Tales sequels but i still can't recommend it and even burned out on the game. The Tales franchise never had "good" narratives but this one is outright bad. Every character is most importantly an unengaging cliché and the addition of character fusions to the battle system need to be fixed or leave the franchise immediately. Even the technical side felt as if it took a step back. Let's see how the upcoming "prequel" will shake out but the developer needs to move on from the decade old PS3. Zestria functions fine enough so veterans may last till the open ending, which is even locked behind Dlc, but newcomers should instead invest into recent entries as Graces f, Hearst R, Syphnia Chronicles 1, Xillia 1 or Vesperia instead. 6,5/10

    The TV special from 2015 is a mess btw.

  • jesus says:

    It’s one thing to fill up an episode with talking and walking but also focus on the most boring character in the game for the prologue? Please don’t make this worse than it already was, ufotable.

  • Uriel85 says:

    I don’t get why they put in the ending/opening Velvet from Berseria…

  • The Phantom says:

    This game is known for one reason and one reason only. And is that the female lead was booted halfway to add her as DLC, the outrage was so real that people badmouthed this on every Japanese review site to date.

    Not sure what to expect here, I suppose this ties in when Female Lead (DLC) is saved by Male lead, they also showed female lead already (non-DLC) the assassin boss.

    The story is a travesty, dont expect anything on that aspect (they are fighting against the lord of calamity and trying to save the world LOL) male lead is gay for blue haired dude too so dont expect any romance or love triangle here.

    Perhaps those impressive CGI doom tornado and dragon are the best this show will ever get, I do certainly believe thats the case here.