Servamp #01 — Magical Boyfriend

July 5th, 2016


Isn't that more of an intersection function instead of an additive?


It's always a little damning to spend a couple minutes flipping through the source material, and then see those two or three minutes stretched out into an entire episode. We also started with the main character giving a self-introduction to The Great Space Goat while explaining how he hates excitement and loves boredom. Japan, your obsession with this needs to stop. I understand the whole monomyth thing, but like the tranisitive property and power levels, or developed backstories and flashbacks, you have abused the privilege long past the point where it has become anything but an obnoxious crutch.

It's basically a magical girlfriend episode, only with boys. Animation is sparse, but they did discover that if you add speedlines and shake the camera, that totally looks like people moving. The jokes are yelling and overexaggeration. The setting and characters are delivered entirely though exposition. In the middle of a 'fight', we even get an internal monologue and flashbacks from the protagonist about how it is every citizen's final duty to enter the tanks and become one with all the people do their very best. And then friendship power, even though they would all totally rather be have boring lives and all of this sucks and is annoying. Gee, you're convincing me. Which was only made worse by the antagonist then adding his own little infodump to explain the specific terminology for what's going on because… uh… I guess because he was feeling left out of the infodumping? And was then immediately one-shot. After about five straight minutes of exposition. Christ. It ended with him explaining that he was passing out, and asking for further exposition.




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  • The Phantom says:

    The OP full of magical boys was a big warning already, are there so many female otakus in Japan, where I live next to no girl likes anime. Anyway this is clearly not for me -_-.

  • Anonymous says:

    All hail the Goat. Buddy Coupling! PROPOSAL! CONNECTIVE DIO!