Scared Rider Xechs #01 — No Girls Allowed

July 5th, 2016


Oh no! It's hovering menacingly!

Not sure what the deal is with the Japanese broadcast. No indications it was delayed or whatever, it just doesn't seem to exist on the interbutts at this time. Whatever.


This begins with a slow walk up CGI stairs, to a guy playing guitar badly until he gets mad at himself and petulantly throws his pick away. That sequence lasted two minutes. This thing is as up its own ass as the protagonist. At least, I think he's the protagonist. He didn't really do anything for most of the episode but mope around before showing up on some kind of wheeled triangle. I guess that there weren't any motorcycles in the pre-made CGI toolbox and someone just had to guess at what they looked like. Well, at least there wasn't a mountain of exposition or self-narration, but that's just a lack of a sin, not actual pursuit of any virtue. It was another episode that could've begun about three minutes from where it ended and no information would've been lost.

There was one character who seemed to be struggling against the angst and slowly looming sludge monsters that I don't think actually even ever attacked by shouting rock terminology at complete random. If it was actually embracing that kind of corniness, like how it ended the episode with them all dramatically posing as they walked out of the explosion, it might've gotten at least an honorable mention, but those were rare spasms from an otherwise lifeless platypus corpse. And about as sensically put together as one either. The first half in particular is a bunch of awkward setup for characters who are then booted off the rest of the episode for not having enough penises. Intrigue and murder by Some Woman… and she's gone. Here's the audience surrogate in short shorts who's inexperienced with any of the magical stuff that will b… and she's gone. But Angst Boy clutched his fist, tried really hard, and grunted, overcoming his angst-locked special powers, and you don't get that in just any show.

Next Episode:

Aaand she's gone.

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  • Anon999 says:

    Oh my god, this is a pathetic excuse for an animated Sentai show. Either that, or this show is trying to be the new Saint Seiya.