Qualidea Code #01 — Friendly Fire

July 9th, 2016


What would've been great is if she had killed the main characters.


Japan, what would it take for me to hire a sound balancer for you? I know you like your synthed technoesque pop, but does it really need to be played louder than the character voice track? Not that I wanted to hear either the imbecilic blonde bimbo shrieking about being left behind or the angsty melodramatic pissant declaring to nobody that his power of dark bubbles are enough to fight everything, but you're not winning any points for covering up the terrible with the terribler. And then a shower scene, and then a status meeting. How exciting. The episode's all over the place. Aside from the excessively loud and excessively obnoxious music. That's consistent from start to finish.

Probably the easiest part to stomach in this cliche-ridden, slow-paced clichemobile was the last five minutes or so when it more or less booted the godawful characters that it spent the first 15 minutes focusing on and just had a long combat montage bouncing between characters set to insert song, and that sentence should obviously cause expectations to be adjusted accordingly. It does have a budget and the action doesn't suck, but all the fights were also mowing down hundreds of pig bots hovering vaguely in the direction of the protagonists until one of the characters said "Screw this" and nuked the entire battlefield, so it wasn't exactly exciting. Still, if the episode had focused on her instead of the two slackjawed catfood-for-brains that it did, I might be feeling a little more charitable to the episode as a whole. They're obviously here to party. Hell, even the sleepy sniper and his red-haired playmate joined at the face to her cell phone would've been less painful than the adventures of UberDitz Idol and Pissy McAngstBalls.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    the first minutes (or seconds) it was good, showing a destroyed world, then we have this angsty male lead retard with magical girl transformation and cutesy enemies, really? o yea all protagonists are OP and the female lead is outright braindead and helium high, ahhh and to add the ice to the cake, she started to sing mid battle to power up allies?

    Fuck this show seriously is just full of BS.