Macross Δ #15 — Meanwhile, On the Other Side of the Galaxy…

July 10th, 2016


Sunday's starting off with a bang, I see.


You know, Macross, there are three meh shows so far today and I wanted to cut that down to at least two. So you decided that it'd be a fantastic idea to have an episode about the antagonists, consisting of about fifteen minutes of them standing around talking, and five minutes of giving a speech. Who on Earth was asking for this? Who was saying to themselves "I love idol concerts, dog fights, and love triangles obviously going nowhere until the last episode, but what I really want to see are a bunch of dour men standing around watching a coronation for twenty straight minutes." I don't even like two out of three of the things on that list, and you've sucked at the third so far, but you've managed to replace them with something worse. What were our protagonists doing? Watching the news. Great. And even outside of that, they just won yet another battle yet another ill-defined place where the protagonists aren't present, like they've been doing from episode 1, most of the time completely off-screen. But since they showed about 30 seconds of it, we can gasp in horror at the outcome. Also the same as they've been doing since episode 1.

A strong episode here might've knocked out at least one of the angst-fests to come, but you stepped up to the plate, slipped, and broke your arm before the pitch was even thrown. Congratul-goddamned-lations.

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