Handa #01 — Adaptation Decay

July 7th, 2016


"Remember how there are shows that are even worse?"


I was almost a little pleasantly surprised when instead of just straight adapting the tedious source material I had already browsed over, they decided to do something original (as far as I know) to kick it off. Okay, so an anime comedy talking about how it just got an adaptation and making up all kinds of crazy versions it could be before giving up and just sticking to the bland original happens approximately once a season, and since the second two thirds were a 100% bland adaptation of the bland original that took me about two minutes to read but 15 minutes to watch, that is clearly the direction this is going in, but for a brief third of an episode, it threatened to maybe show a little backbone and maybe do its own thing.

Of course, you only get so many points for trying, and I'd be hardpressed to award this for any points in writing, comedy, or especially animation, even when it wasn't intentionally trying to look godawful as a 'parody' of even worse shows. It almost strikes me as defeatist; pointing out all the awful ways it could be adapted before taking the world's most boring and 'safe' route. Characters overreact. Some are drawn funny. Characters over-describe the situation and this is 'funny.' Couldn't really tell you why. The second half was almost 10 straight minutes of a chain of rambling internal narration, and not the witty kind. I might've preferred the surreality and weak attempts at parody of the first half, but those overreactions were more of the shouty and speedlines variety, and my twitch after a decade of being yelled at in Japanese is only getting worse with time.


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