Cheer Boys!! #01 — Teenage Wasteland

July 5th, 2016


The extra exclamation points are for ???.

Today was also the day Hybrid x Hentai actually aired. It had boobs in its OP.


You know, if I saw some kid reaching out to air-paw at cheerleaders, I can guarantee you that I would be flagging down the nearest police officer to have a talk with them. But here we are in an alternate world where the stadiums are packed for intermural sports, the crowd's cheers are deafening even while everyone politely sits in their seats, and inspiring insert songs never stop playing. And of course, this particular teenage club activity is the best and most important thing ever, and we're going to spend as long as possible whinging on how many feelings we have and our teenager ennui.

So basically, it's pretty much the same as all the other garbage club shows full of 'wacky' characters who are going to try their very best because of friendship and youth and trying their best. The protagonist has no personality but trying his best, and everyone keeps talking about how great it is that he tries his best. His only fault is caring too much. And being too selfless a friend. Both things shared by his sidekick/boyfriend and the other guy they found towards the end. I guess that it's slightly less boy bandish than I was expecting, but that could also be that there are about half a dozen outright boy band shows this season, so the bar is bit higher. The only vaguely notable thing was Over-Excited Glasses Guy, but that's just a bi-monocle, and I have no interest in that.



Next Episode:

Still recruiting. Still no cheerleading.

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  • The Phantom says:

    OMG a male cheer leader club, in b4 George W. Bush jokes show up, anyway this was lame could not go past the opening.