Ange Vierge #04 — Blood Bags

July 30th, 2016


Exactly where is she pulling all those bags from? And where does she get all that blood?


From the start, you'd think that this would have been about the vampire girl, but there was about as much focus on her as there was on the random dumbass girls having absolutely nothing to do with absolutely anything; just off in the middle of the woods doing bad slapstick and eating riceballs. Then again, I'm not sure that I wanted the long expositional bit about how the enemies are going after the magic world crystals of the different magic worlds either. There. It was not a thing that needed around five minutes of setup. And they weren't even going to finish this bit this week either. Ye gods, guys. Pick up the damn pace.

As for the rest, which is only like five minutes maybe, more or less the same as usual. It could've worked fine if it had a budget or better direction in the action, but alas, it has neither of those things and we'll have to make due with tentacle bondage along with close-ups of thighs and cleavage. As if there isn't enough of that already with all the bath scenes and naked girls falling from the sky.

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