Ange Vierge #01 — Giant Black Dicks vs Baths

July 9th, 2016




My god. Was that seriously nearly a two minute info dump about the setting? And this was coming after Yet Another Massacre Montage of Generic Robo-Things. And then… everyone strips naked and gets in the bath. Where they would remain for nearly five minutes. Then one got out and it briefly followed her into a flashback before it was right back to the baths for another seven minutes. Am I watching Utawarerumono here? Why the everliving hell did we spend literally over half the episode in the bath? I suspect that's probably where they got the budget for the action scenes. Not that they were great, but they were better than I would expect from a show with about 15 minutes split between baths and unapologetic exposition. It kind of reminds me of Luck and Logic a little bit. Had they put this together with a focus on the story instead of faffing about, and preferably focused on one of the characters that isn't a sack of insecurity, it could've been at least a StrikerS-esque kind of episode.

Alas, we have what we have; a massacre of giant black dicks, an info dump, ten minutes of baths, and then a sparring session. The depth of affairs and characters has crested those from Dead or Alive X, but only just barely. And while I say the animation's not embarrassing for an action show, the direction and choreography is badly lacking, even if they're showing the B Team to be confident and composed without unnecessary expositions about their powers. That at least was spared the info-dump anchor. The dick-fight at the start may was a montage of "girl flourishes weapon, giant exposion covers screen," one after another after another after another, until finally, they were in awe of one explosion in particular, which signaled the end of the hovering black dick menace. I don't think I could even tell you if the girls got attacked even once. Maybe the black dicks were innocent in the whole thing. It's not like they were tentacles. 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ashlotte says:

    The killer for me was that it went from exposition into listing every single girl in the fight into having to thank every single girl individually right after just…argh why Japan?!?

  • The Phantom says:

    They spent the fucking episode in a bath, is this BS for real?