The Morose Mononokean #01 — The Trouble With a Tribble

June 28th, 2016


Discovering supernatural entities is such a personal inconvenience.


I may have thought/expected/assumed this had a different air date, but oops, AT-X has hoisted me by my own petard. Ah well. The air date was the only surprise about this episode. If you've seen one of these bland supernatural shows, you've seen them all. Vanilla McNormal But Cannot Socially Interact With Anybody In a Mature Way stumbles through life while narrating everything that happens to him and probably also yelling when anything the least bit surprising happens, innocently runs into some low level harmless monster who afflicts him with a minor inconvenience, meets a 'mysterious' shop owner who solves their issue in less time than it takes a waitress to refill your lemonade, and that is enough to indebt/enslave them for life. Yeah, sure, there's a large cultural part in the whole 'random spirits are everywhere' thing, but they could at least use some of Japan's more interesting spirits, like the butthole prowler or the ghosts of dead children who move your pillows to the opposite side of the bed.

But no. We just have this. A painfully bland slave to the formula with as much life as it has animation, and the pacing of a dead dog. Christ, he even had to narrate to himself that someone answered the phone after calling them, yet taking the discovery of supernatural entities wholly in stride as nothing more than a personal inconvenience. I'm not sure what there is here that is even trying to stand out. Definitely not the standard elevator music, because there are very long portions where there's nothing to listen to at all but the inane ramblings of the protagonist. It might make a passable audio book or radio play, but it would still be overwrought and taking 22 minutes to go through an exceedingly banal episode without any attempt to stand out from the veritable parade of these.

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Oh no. Pineapples.

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  • Sol says:

    Too many dicks, not enough pussy.

  • The Phantom says:

    Without Yuko this is not interesting at all, heck even Natsume is better than this, very bland and very generic.