Not-Zombo Trains #10 — Coldcocking

June 16th, 2016


Situational awareness, people. Stop leaving your backs unguarded.


The actual content of this episode, which is to say, the last two minutes or so, would've been much better had it come at the end of last week's episode instead of being ridiculously drawn out through the valleys of budget deficiency and the general ploddingness. The first half was just dull as dull can be, and the actually animated action this week could fit in a Vine. What'd it contribute? That L'oreal For Men is still a Nazi douche, Mumei is double double exploited and now helpless against Guy With Pipe, and… that's really about it.

Even the ending when things ostensibly were happening had its fair share of issues, at the top of which is that both these characters have been largely superfluous to the story so far. Nothing new for Protagonisto since all he can really do is clench his fist and try his best, but they could've at least had Side Kicko say "I would've liked to have seen Montana" or something instead of bending time and space to tragically sacrifice himself. What I wouldn't give for directors to actually have people try to act out the bizarre scenes they try to present. But no, what clearly makes the most sense is teleporting in half a second in front of Protagonisto, to the shock of Protagonisto. I give about a 60% chance that Side Kicko will be back in zombie midboss form next week anyway for more whinging over him on top of the sixty seconds of plantive sobbing this episode already had.

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    since MC can heal and Side Kicko can’t, why would Side Kicko take the bullet?its not like Side Kicko bought him time to run away since he monologues for half an hour and MC even has a good cry after witch he gets his ass kicked.They all have a critical point in their hearts(that or decapitation) but instead MC gets knifed in the gut and thrown off the train.