Phantasy Star Online 2 #01 — El Blando vs Boredom

January 7th, 2016


Spoiler, boredom wins.


Another show with a thought process I have trouble following. This is for shilling PSO2, right? And I get why it would start with "Hey look at this cool action!", leaving aside how not cool and not action it was, so why then did almost none of the rest of the episode have anything to do with PSO2? This is more like El Blando Attends School, And Sometimes He Plays An MMO. The game's in the goddamned title, and yet, it seemed like it was almost there like an afterthought; like the show was made with a "fill in the blank later" approach to the very thing it's supposed to be showing as cool and awesome. Even when he finally logs on, he still mostly stands around as ugly CGI explains things in his general direction.

Speaking of El Blando, he's boring. Everybody is. They got as far as realizing they can't have a screaming child scream about how awesome it is like your Pokemans, Beytops, Yo-Gi-Hos, etc, but then seem to have not known where to go from there. I suspect they felt a misguided need to introduce and establish the characters we would then be seeing play, but I don't know why they would want to do that in the first place, let alone why they would want to do that with characters who are slightly less interesting themeslves than reading off the ingredients in pancake mix. This whole thing seems to have no identity of its own and doesn't even commit to its point with enough gusto to convince me that it's the fault of someone in marketing. At least they're putting in next to no effort across the board.

And then there's whatever the goddamned hell is going on in the ED. There is no way you can convince me there weren't enough drugs involved in that to floor a bull elephant.

Next Episode:

We're tired of playing the game already.

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