Aquarion Logos #26 — And Now We Must Kung Fu Fight

December 24th, 2015


For no reason, and with nothing at stake!

Just a little delayed because of holiday stuff. Tomorrow will obviously be delayed as well, not that I think anybody particularly cares about K's stunning finale either.


Predictibly dumb ending. Now that the 'antagonist' is dealt with, it's time for punchies with nothing at stake but to use as a measuring stick for dicks, until he uses the power of magic to become one with magic. Or whatever. It's fitting that Maia stayed completely on the sidelines right up until the last 45 or so seconds of the episode, along with every single other damned character. Were we ever supposed to like Subete or feel anything for him? Or Akira for that matter? Those are the only two that mattered at all in this episode, so I have to wonder.

Final Thoughts:

Some glimmers of good ideas, more in the first half than the second, but poorly executed and with a cast of characters that never quite made it out of background status. Especially the trio of main characters, who were a complete mess. Akira didn't have any kind of personality whatsoever, but was supposed to be the crux on which everything turned (disregarding that 'everything' in this case was destiny and magic), and Maia slowly lost her personality across the run. Subete was the only actual character by the end of it, but he was a sad little boy throwing a temper tantrum, not an actual antagonist.

The setting did theoretically have some potential for the same kind of thing of the week that Evol did, but that went largely wasted as the words being dicked with had next to nothing to do with the character conflicts of the episode, and again, the characters were both unimportant and their conflicts typically nonsensical. Not to mention all that disappeared in the second half. The action didn't make it worth watching either, although I guess the backgrounds are really pretty sometimes too. At least the music was nice sometimes.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    “not that I think anybody particularly cares about K’s stunning finale either”

    you’re right, I just want to stare at seri hopping around for 20 mins

  • algorithm says:

    Needed more Yurei Busters.

    And a budget.