Aquarion Logos #20 — And Now, 18 Minutes of Lectures

November 12th, 2015


And six minutes of cooking. 


Another episode that makes me wonder if maybe it's not too late to just take a nap on Thursdays instead. About one third random filler, one third exposition, and one third exposition while swatting at invisible owls. The filler this time was mostly cooking. The exposition was exposition. And the swatting at invisible owls was swatting at invisible ghost ships or ghost ghosts. What characters actually did? They cooked, listened, and swatted. Oh, but Akira is in some kind of metaphysical danger of nonexistence because of, you know, magical metaphysical stuff. Oh, well, now I'm invested in this non-struggle that has so far existed as about 20 minutes of explanations and flashbacks. It's a good thing nobody in any piece of Japanese media, no matter how evil, cruel, or corrupt they are, would ever make things up too, because this episode would've been about 8 minutes shorter if Maia had just said "What? No. That's stupid," and left. It's also good thing that they made the camera shake too and the music get all distorty and screamy or I might not have known just how deadly deadly crazy all that crap decidedly wasn't.

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