Anti-Magic Academy #08 — “I Know! A Giant Dragon Will Solve Everything!”

November 25th, 2015


God, I miss decent antagonists.


Unsurprisingly, pretty much the exact same cohort of problems as last week. There's the bits with Busty, who's supposedly who this arc's about, which consisted of little more than exposition to no point or purpose, and then there's the Jets and the Sharks off having a rumble with only the thinnest of connections between the two. And by rumble, I mean the Jets taking target practice against lumbering, mostly immobile lumps of metal. The only time they were effective is when they were made to attack each other, which killed them both, thus resolving the question of "Who would win if two Red Shirts fought?" The answer is that they'd both lose.

Anyway, either side of the episode could've been eliminated and the other would've been none the wiser. Dark Elf Tits was probably the more egregiously terrible of the two even above and beyond it being entirely exposition. For one, it reeks of "And Now We Will Never Mention Any Part Of This Again, EVER." For two, it's pretty much just "I have a totally secret form. See my magic ball? Cool, huh?" The question of "Yes, and?" or "So what?" hangs heavy in the air. It was a 'reveal' for the sake of having some kind of reveal, not for furthering the (lack of) character or the (lack of) plot. So of course they then fought a giant snake dragon. Out of ideas for a boss monster in your light novel adaptation? Spawn some random giant reptile or bug! Big versions of creepy crawlies always fit and always wrap up everything neat and tidy. Bonus points if you cover still shots of it with speedlines to show how… speedy its roaring is? One day, I hope we can upgrade all the way to shakey cam.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    Some ground-breaking stuff this week. She turned into a dark elf and wasn’t raped.

  • Germanguy says:

    I do not know. This suddenly appereance of this Evil Priest, his killing, and suddenly left as he apperead. This is just boring… But oh well, i accept this to move the Plot forward. he has only seconds of screentime