GARO- Crimson Moon #02 — Hi! I’m The Antagonist! Bye!

October 16th, 2015


Wow. He sure added to the episode.

I glanced at Noragami one last time, just to be sure. It was 20 straight minutes of angst followed by a low budget, talky 'fight.' Still didn't prepare me for this nonsense.


Let's see here. It starts out by presenting the supposed main antagonist, who just wanders off without further content, then jumps to the random four-pack-a-day quest giver of the season (with some awesome exposition from the peanut gallery announcing who she is and what she does), before she bows out without further note. We continue merrily onward through random flashbacks and introductions to about half a dozen more characters who appeared in some cases only to glare for a moment, and including a part where Short Round picked up our titular character by the ass and ran off with him, only to reach more flashbacks about how the newbie's dad was killed by Indy when he was high off Moon Vampire juice, but probably not really since he was actually literally covered in monsters. All this leading up to the magic sword choosing the protagonist over the evil revenge-obsessed monster because of the strength of his will. But wait, surprise twist, the crazy kid was delusional as hell and tackled/ate his father when the skeleton army came.

So basically, the most positive thing about this episode is that Short Round was barely a part of it. The rest was a disaster of barely connected scenes and half-hearted exposition trying to say that things that had happened somewhere offscreen mean that the protagonist has extra, extra Protagonist power on his side. The first half had next to nothing to do with the second, and the second was like reading the diary of a madman through a kaleidoscope, especially with the completely nonsensical twist at the end of it. Production was a large step down from last week too, involving no real fight scene at all, just the standard "transform and then one-shot it" schtick that has plagued all Garo I've watched so far.

Next Episode:

Maybe the antagonist will stick around for the entire episode this time.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    Im really not feeling this show this time around. The lighter atmosphere and the downgrade in cast just makes this feel really boring.

    “…including a part where Short Round picked up our titular character by the ass and ran off with him,”

    Yea that was straight out of an episode of Scooby and Scrappy where Scrappy tends to pick up and run off with Scooby and sometimes Shaggy at the same time.

  • Themaster20000 says:

    Yeah,it’s pretty bad so far. The most amazing thing is how bad the production values are. It’s only episode 2,and it’s already using a ton animation shortcuts,along with not being to draw stuff properly. Also gotta love the amount of facial scars they gave the bad guy(just to make sure you know he’s evil).

  • Gorilla13 says:

    I told you guys this pos can’t hold a candle to the previous Garo and now it’s proven true. I should become a clairvoyant or something smh