Symphogear GX #12 — Friendship Rainbow Tornado Part 4

September 21st, 2015


Electric boogaloo.


Oh good, it wasn’t actually bringing her back from the dead after all. It was some random robot shapeshifter who was the darkness in all their hearts. And they can only defeat it by telling everyone how much friendship they have. So if you thought that paladin scene in Final Fantasy 4 was great, but felt that it needed to be ten minutes longer and completely inane, then good news! Oh, and I have to take back my comment that all Dr. Evil did was summon Noise, summon more Noise, and get stabbed. He summoned Noise, summoned more Noise, got stabbed, and plugged a thingy into another thingy. Clearly an integral part of the story that none other could fill.

Anyway, this limps on to its dumb ending. All her power didn’t work against yelling about friendship, and her elaborate plan to gather power has failed, so now it’s up to the final battle where they have to do the exact same thing that they already did about two months ago, only with twice as many protagonists and 20% as many antagonists. And the only way they can do that is to use the magical rainbow of friendship power to transform into their angelic versions, which you might recall from around 13 episodes ago as the same way they ended season 2, 24 episodes ago from the way they began season 2, and about 25 episodes ago from how they ended season 1. God, I love repetition. Don’t you!? 

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One Lonely Comment

  • Longing says:

    Well… at least they remembered their dark mode transformations this time.

    All that’s left to guess is how many friendship speeches it will take before this villain goes down.