Not God Eater #04 — Fish Combat Edition

August 9th, 2015


Well, that was tedious.


I certainly see why they needed an extra week for this episode. It definitely felt like it took twice as long to get through. So instead, here’s Edelweiss’s biannual collection of Comiket game promos.

The two that seem most genuinely interesting to me are Zangeki Warp (27:30) and Black Maria Overdrive (47:44), both centering around a similar teleport or quasi teleport mechanic, but one as a shmup, the other as a platformer. The “Why Would You Do This?” award goes to the Touhou Mario Kart Double Dash clone where one character rides on the other’s back, only beating out fish-based Ace Combat (which I’m still mad isn’t named Ace of Bass) since that’s been around in different iterations for years now.


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One Lonely Comment

  • algorithm says:

    “Well, that was tedious.”

    Yeah, it’s been that way since episode 1.