Semi-Irregular General Status Update

July 21st, 2015


AKA putting off having to think of something to do for the weekdays until next week.

All right, let’s do some updates on stuff. We’ll start from most imminent/’good’ and work our way down. First, Seinarukana’s finally starting to trend releaseward, or at the very least, I’ve been answering numerous questions about how to put together the labyrinthian mess that is its file formats and the way that they all work together for some manner of trial. Of course, this was something I already did, about 16 months ago, but despite saying it was okay then, it turns out my trial didn’t feng shui with the drapes well enough, so hey, let’s make a new one from scratch. Oh well, it’s not like I was doing the work on it, just spending time trying to remember how its damn jigsaw set of files all fits together.

Next, I kind of underestimated the number of lines left on the current project I’ve been working on, by a significant amount. I still don’t like it much, and my initial opinion about it has only solidified, but hey, maybe it’ll come together in its closing bits. Or maybe I’ll just come out of it with an even bigger chip on my shoulder about the people who call it good. I have about probably 6 to 8 weeks worth of work left to finish the main script files, at least assuming Seinarukana doesn’t dump another surprise chunk of work into my lap. I’ve done a very quick and dirty translation of key parts of the interface, but it needs to be… not quite completely redone, but not all that far off from it, and there are a lot of parts that pose interesting challenges. Thanks for all the tiny kanji, jackasses.


There are also a number of technical quirks that vary in severity, mostly due to the English text formatting differences from Japanese, that require more of a technical solution which has yet to come. Only one thing that’s close to a deal breaker, and I can think of a couple ways to work around it (that are very hacky), and sort of have fullish mastery over the scripts and all their functions… in theory… so it’s nowhere near as bad off as Prism Ark’s technical situation, but solutions have yet to come, and I really don’t want to release something that looks like butts and is full of technical problems… again. Also, I’ve been… skipping porn. Unpleasant porn. Weird porn. I’ve seen phrases and descriptions for genitalia here that made me stop and simply laugh for 5 minutes before I was able to go back to trying to work on it. Actually though, mostly just astonishingly boring and particularly tedious, even for porn.

I want to be clear in no uncertain terms though that even once the main scripts are finished, it will still be many months before it’s ready for release for a large number of reasons, not the least of which will be because I will be taking a brief vacation from looking at it at all after I finish the main scripts to go through Bunny Black 2, something with writing and characters I don’t want to throttle all the time. BB2 has approximately a 99% chance of being released fully completed before this does. Early to mid next year is probably a safeish bet.

And speaking of bad porn and Prism Ark, I started it around February of 2014, begged for help in June 2014 because the hacking situation was dire, and since then, the only progress on that front has been that the script tool/text display is slightly less broken, but still broken. I have declared it dead because between BB, SLC recently fixing the SHChara script tool so it actually works well on Suzukuri Dragon adding that as a very tempting possibility, and the aforementioned project, there is both clearly no technical help coming for it, and even if there were, it’s unlikely I’d even be touching it again until late 2016 at the absolute earliest, if ever again at all. There’s four months I wish I had back.

That’s all I’ve got. Symphogear images apropos of nothing. Back to the grindstone. Etc etc. Yada yada. Seacrest out.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • A.Nagy says:

    Damn it, Hestia has even infected Symphogear.

  • Rz says:

    Somewhat my attention focused on the symphogear pics instead the text.
    Chris is so lovely like usual <3