Gunslinger Stratos #10 — Oh Right, Got To Add a Romantic Angle

June 6th, 2015


Whew. Almost forgot about that.


Well, at least it’s building towards some kind of finale in its closing episodes, something I have a hard time saying for… pretty much every other show this season. It’d be nice if it was doing it competently though, and especially nice if it didn’t look especially like butts this week. This episode was entirely setup for the final battle. I particularly liked how they just killed the old super organizations pretty much entirely off-screen now that they served no point in the grand fight against the nano-sand-borg. Both of them. All those soldiers were no match for one convalescing school marm with shoulderpads the size of watermelons. I also enjoy that she grabbed the bloody visor, which means that A.) She decided to just go on back and stop by the hotel room after it was shot up by soldiers, and B.) decided to take a souvenir.

The rest was spent on recapping, drawing background faces especially horrendously, and pretending like there was a relationship between Blue and Pink. You had a chance to do that many episodes ago, and then again when she got shot, and then again when you went on a tour with Other Pink. It’s a little late to try to crowbar in one now, let alone a personality for him. But who can resist such depth of expressed feeling as “A bee.” “Ah!” “Just kidding.” Luckily, there was a twangy guitar and piano playing or I wouldn’t know that was romantic.


Next Episode:


The tree.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    If the universe has unlimited possibilities why did the anime show us the most boring one?

  • Oxfy says:

    Because it was best possibility of the season.