Robot Girls Z+ #01 — Tank Penises

May 20th, 2015


And yet, was a massive disappointment.


Oh, I hadn’t realized (but probably should have) that they were breaking what they did last time; to wit, airing three 8 minute segments at a time as a single episode. Now they’re just airing one 8 minute episode at a time as a single episode. And that’s minus the 3 minutes of OP/ED each time, we’re down to five minute episodes, minus another 5% or so of the episode for transformation sequencing… so of course they then spent the entire first ‘new’ episode in the broadcast (which had followed after a rebroadcast of the previous episodes) on reintroduction and setup. Who are the new characters and what’s their hilarious gimmick? Couldn’t say, because all they did was show up so the old ones could grumble about new characters existing, and then the episode ended. Look forward to some hilarious jokes with them in a month’s time! Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I don’t even think I want to deal with the rest if this is how they’re dealing with things.


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