Gunslinger Stratos #05 — Lecture Time!

May 2nd, 2015


At least the rest of the cast was still trying to murder each other.


The best moment of weirdness this episode was how a single bullet flipped a manhole cover into the air as a precision anti-air strike. The worst moment of weirdness was basically the entire expositional dump with the… I forget what she called herself exactly, the Time Master maybe, doing the whole Contact thing, and it’s hard to call it a moment when it was more like half the episode. Yada yada, end of the world(s), got it. Really hasn’t changed much of anything except now another excuse to look constipated and indecisive over fighting. You really need to tie it better to characters, not simply keep piling on “and the stakes have never ever ever been higher.” It wasn’t even interwoven into the ongoing fight with the rest of them, every couple minutes, we’d just shift back and forth between having a lesson and flipping manhole covers at people.

And speaking of the fight, are they just tossing in characters are random now? Because I’m pretty sure I would have remembered the old mobster with custom plated guns (Red’s instructor apparently) that proceeded to supposedly bite it this week. As bad as the manhole cover moment was, they really need to be doing a bit more like it and and a lot less randomly spraying bullets against shields or rocks. It’s frustrating because they do show glimpses of it every now and then, like the psychic misdirects with the rock clumps to distract her and trap her while blowing out an entire glass building in her face. More of that. Less random sprays of gun fire that all conveniently miss.

Next Episode:

The other world for once.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Pretty sure at one point or another one from one world will pretend to be his counterpart. So long they keep the fight on and the deathcount rising It is all fine, Also I agree I have never seen grandpa before, and dont recall blondie either, it seems that if a character shows up in a fight out of nowhere it is most likely going to bite the dust.

  • ark noir says:

    O.k as far as I’m concerned, there is no parallel universes. Its always been 2015 and Japan’s birth rate is in decline so they split the country in 2 and cloned everyone like Dolly the sheep. They realised their mistake so they now play laser tag against themselves to level it out.The time keepers are just Japanese civil servants sprouting propaganda and they know their ignorant people will believe it.The only thing I can’t explain are the flares on that Gatling gun user. They’re like teepee’s.