Chaika #18 — Wherein the Writers Forget How to Count

November 12th, 2014


You know, you take the time out to explain them. You could at least not forget them five minutes later.


Two people, three people, three people plus plus a shapeshifting dragon, three people plus a shapeshifting dragon plus an extra, you know… whatever. Who’s counting? It’s not like it’s a serious tournament for their lives. Well, if you believe the lip service, it is, but that was sure some PG violence, guys. Oh wait, Mr Face-Heel-Turn killed some random mook for fighting in the streets ’cause he’s all scowly now! Rarr. Take us seriously. I’d also like to mention that Christ, have they gotten lazy as hell with the remains schtick this second season. The winery thing was bad enough, but now a tournament? That’s shorthand for “We’ve run out ideas, so how about, uh… everyone go into a room a fight. ‘Cause I said so.”

Perhaps the worst part is that keep bringing up how they won’t enter it unless they need to (ha), even after they make the assumption that the red Chaika, being one of only two other PC groups in the tournament, is going to win. Apparently if you’re expecting your fight one group, who you’re going to have to fight again after it any way to get the parts they already have, might as well fight a bunch more. The alternative would be… to not risk your lives for the clearly crazy guy who’s obviously going to backstab the winner and not give them the parts and wait until the volatile situation takes care of itself and if absolutely needbe, mug whoever comes out with them at the end like you’ve already done half a dozen times? It’s not even like they need to join the tournament to get in to try to steal them, but I guess when the guard can’t count past three and takes a cat transforming into a person right in front of him like it’s nothing, the writers have already gone through their entire stack of helium whippets for the week in one night and turned in a script covered in drool. 


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