Chaika #15 — World’s Worst Ventriloquist

October 22nd, 2014


I could totally see his lips moving.


Not a very interesting episode, although I guess better than what I dreaded when it opened up with them oohing and aahing over the ocean, splashing around, and then comedy time with ventroliquists. From there, the continued janky writing of this season took over. They basically mugged a stupid, scared, fat guy for the magic ears (leaving aside the question of how this putz managed to hold onto what was supposedly a powerful artifact desired by every power-hungry bastard in the world all this time), and then lounged/angsted around before hitting the seas. 

And they find the lost island they had only just heard about with no leads that armies and armies and months of searching couldn’t find even proof that it exists sitting right off the coast of a major trade city, because of course they do. More time was spent explaining that it was impossible to find than was spent looking for it before they found it. It’s like a bloody punchline. Guarded by an army of dragons and a kraken no less. These things I guess have just somehow gone overlooked by the port city a few hours away. Krakens apparently only have a taste for dramatic flair. Maybe there’s a big twist coming and it’s some other magically shielded island that just happens to have an army of magical creatures guarding it.  

Next Episode:

Shipwrecked, but luckily, they still have deus ex dragon.

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  • algorithm says:

    And Captain Morals is actually not so dead. Dying in anime is becoming harder and harder.