Nozaki #04 — Those Strange Alien Visual Novel Things

July 27th, 2014


You’d think someone in the animation business would have played at least one at some point.


I think this is where we part ways, on the back of a segment about visual novels. The first issue is the one that anime always has when it starts talking about VNs. They’re like some alien thing that people in animation have only heard tales of, so just start making up random inane things and toss some jargon in to sound like they know what they’re talking about. Basically like hacking in 90s movies. 

But Aroduc, you whine, it’s comedy! It’s not supposed to be serious! And then there’s also problem #2, it’s not parody, just repetition of some random stuff I’m sure they picked up off the Japanese equivalent of a Gamefaqs message board, or perhaps some list of awful cliches every anime writer shares, passed through the filter of total ignorance. Like much of the rest of this show’s echoing of cliches and then pointing out that they’re cliches, the jokes were still just things like “I expected a tsundere but it was a yandere.” Oh wait, I told that wrong. “I expected a tsundere but it was a yandere!!!!!” There we go. Humorous situation has been conveyed. Please laugh.

As for the rest, he put on rabbit ears. Whatever. I tuned out. At that point, I was already annoyed and didn’t feel like watching any more.

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  • Yue says:

    Those polka dots are making viewers nauseous.