Dragonar #12 — Because Someone Almost Went Untentacled

June 21st, 2014


Good job getting all of them, show.


Something has gone horribly wrong when the protagonists don’t even show up for the first quarter of the final episode. And the episode was extra long too. What the hell, man? 27 minutes? I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of commitment to this show. Anyway, Jules and Ronnie just stand around, emitting dark clouds and getting tentacled. Deale’rs choice as to which gets tentacled and which is farting up a storm. And to the surprise of nobody, he has a little dream hand-holding session (after she has a dream hand-holding session with Miss Plot Convenience) which turns into a magic sword and invisible armor, and then cuts off its horns. Which is, I don’t know, symbolic or something?

The award this episode for most extraneous dumbasses to pop up out of nowhere has to go to the male sidekicks. I as even making a joke about how that one blonde one spent the entire first episode expositing all over the place before disappearing off the face of the earth, but here he was again, popping up to… to… well, he didn’t actually do anything. None of them did. The elf caught dumbface, they all gave their little “we’re here!” heroic smiles, sausage hair didn’t even fly up there, just shouted at them from a sewer line or something, and then they dropped him again.  Mission goddamned accomplished. Check mark on cliche scene made. 

Final Thoughts:

An excellent show for people who are into tentacle rape, but are too squeamish for anything with actual penetration. Actually, that’s not really true either because the tentacles here are honestly really kind of unambitiously executed, they’re just… there in a show where the only monsters roaming around are dragons. What the shows does occasionally handle somewhat decently are the characters, although that’s mostly just not making them all act like insufferable jackasses to each other constantly. They’re still primarily around as vehicles to carry breasts from one set of tentacles to the next, and Eco remains little more than a plot widget, but they certainly could have been worse.

And that’s about all the positive things I’ve got here, and yes, that’s counting “has a lot of tits” as a positive, which is not one of the more defensible statements I’ve ever made. The plot drags and frequently makes no sense, characters never develop at all, some of them which are around forever never end up doing anything particularly relevant to the thin plot at all, “dream dragon grants new powers” is an all-too frequently returned-to plot device, dangling plot threads are sloppily and hastily tied up at the last second, the romance that they won’t give a rest and was supposedly the center of the climax of the show was just a mess, and the production is middle of the road at best, frequently far worse.

There’s not a lot here to recommend. Maybe if you’ve got a fetish for dragons and tentacles and are desperately seeking a combination of the two. But not tentacling dragons, because that’d be yucky.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • il-Palazzo says:

    “…and yes, that’s counting “has a lot of tits” as a positive…”

    Poorly-drawn tits, that is.
    Seriously. If they’re using tits & tentacles as their main selling point, you’d think they’ll make an effort to make the tits look good.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    “the tentacles here are honestly really kind of unambitiously executed”
    Your complaints are getting funnier by the day.

  • Atmo says:

    I’m happy that this show/manga wasn’t like Queens Blade “we are a hentai, but at the same time not” factor and, ironically, aimed at (japanese) teens (if you remove those dem tentacles) because that cliche and overused story of “people on an not!magical academy fighting monsters and saving the day/za warudo/universe”. But hey, why complain?

  • anon999 says:

    I still wish it was about the mecha show Dragonar.

  • The Phantom says:

    Was certainly amusing when navi complained about the tentacles of Mordred.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought you started blogging about hentai for a second