No Game, No Life #08 — Have a Naked Old Man

May 28th, 2014


And a whole, whole lot of empty posturing.


Ugh. Apparently they’re going to be riding this arc to the end of the show which means it’s time to stretch the hell out of everything, which means in turn that the episode was about 19 minutes of rubbing things and posturing before ending with the shocking cliffhanger of dumbass being wiped out of every resident’s mind. I also can’t remember how many episodes ago it was that they were both reduced to catatonic wimpering piles by being more than 10 feet from each other, but I’m pretty sure that neither has shown any kind of growth that would allow that.

If one was expecting some kind of clever way around the whole telepathy thing too, then prepare to be disappointed too. Maybe they’re saving it for Shiro and the grand finale because they do love to gas on about how she’s the glorious wonderchild when all she’s actually done is humiliate an imbecile and job during ass-pull chess to make her brother seem better. Of course, they couldn’t have been telegraphing that was his grand plan at the end any harder than if he was wearing a neon sign instead of static-ing out as he disappeared.

Next Episode:


She seems to be doing fine.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • elior1 says:

    can somone tell me what the hell is going on where sora disapeared at the end of the episode and why no one remember him in the scence after the credits?

    LGM says:

    Um, as a LN reader I can tell you it would be a very, VERY big spoiler for next episode.

    Di Gi Kazune says:

    Spoilers galore! 0:3

    And arc within an arc!

    Also… PUCHIKO-CHAN!!! I have not heard thee for a while!!! des’-nyu

  • elior1 says:

    here a hint for why sora disapear without spoiler:What do most shounen heroes do, when challenged with a conflict they have trouble overcoming?

    LGM says:

    …for everyone else other than Sora the answer is growth. But for Sora? You’re questioning the wrong question.

    You should have asked: What is a more horrible bet for a game then the human rights of an entire race?

    elior1 says:

    i think the reason he will played against this person is more like training for the warbeast game

  • Sanjuro says:

    It’s nice to see/hear more Sawashiro loliness. That ending seemed like it wanted to be far more dramatic than it was. When it did the whole “Sora? Who’s that” I groaned. Still… I thank it for more Sawashiro.

  • FlameStrike says:

    Lmao making fun of this anime is fun. No Game No Life is benefiting THEORY with it’s impeccable logic!

  • LegoTechnic says:

    This will probably last no more than a single episode, two at most. It’s just another story arc, and they’ve made it pretty clear they’re going to get to the animal-ear girl this season anyway.

  • aklik says:

    one ranobe vol into remaining 4 anime eps = “stretch the hell out of everything”
    but don’t worry, you at least tried to say something bad…
    nobody will think worse about you, may be, i think…

    Volume 2 – The Gamer Siblings Seem to Have Their Sights on the Land of Kemonomimi (Full Text)
    Chapter 1 – Weak Square/Setting the Board
    Chapter 2 – Unexpected Move/One Move
    Chapter 3 – Sacrifice/Sacrificial Move
    Chapter 4 – Checkmate/Checkmate
    Fake End

    Volume 3 – A Half of the Gamer Siblings Seems to Have Disappeared…? (Full Text)
    Data Load
    Chapter 1 – Sky Walk/Disassociation Method
    Chapter 2 – Blue Rose/Directional Method
    Chapter 3 – Killing Giant/Guiding Method
    Chapter 4 – Rule Number 10/Convergence Method
    True End