Chaika #08 — Bottle Episode

May 28th, 2014


Well, that was a bunch of nothing.


I’m starting to wonder if the ‘antagonists’ are ever really going to antagonize anything. This is like… week seven and minute 30 of “But is Chaika really evil?” with only a couple brief melees and one incident of releasing birds at them to connect them to bloody well anything. But I guess the ‘meat’ of the episode was a bunch of crazy bandits living out a fantasy that they’re a kingdom, but not really, but actually were before and maybe will again now that they found their dreams or maybe not since nobody actually learned anything except that lying’s bad and stealing has no consequences. Yeah, the writing was once again more than a little squibby, especially when characters suddenly discovered their inner clowns, but the capture and jailbreak were just the epitome of anticlimatic.

I appreciated the ripped noble sleeves with cravat and flared pants, and the entire royal court hanging out at a shack on a road collecting tolls. It really sold nutjobs. It’s a shame the people who actually wrote and drew the episode didn’t seem aware of that, although really, I’m not sure what this episode was trying to do or be about. I’m guessing that as is too often the case, the point was just to eat up another week without doing anything, going anywhere, or being exciting. Just because the main plot doesn’t advance doesn’t mean there can’t be bloody something going on. Shows with episodes half your length manage to accomplish more with their time, you butts.  

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • FlameStrike says:

    Oh god this show. Not only are the production values horrendous, but the plot is ridiculous. This is one of those shows where I really don’t know what I’m doing still watching it. It’s not even hilariously bad like Guilty Crown. This shows is in the dreaded boring spot in between train wreck and awesome.

  • shark0week0 says:

    It’s kind of weird, really. They really streamlined and cut out almost all the comedy from the LNs in the early episodes, but now humor and meandering seems to be their focus. Perhaps it has something to do with the second season announcement and not wanting to run out of content.

  • algorithm says:

    That was pretty awful. Akari was the only positive value this week.