Robot Girls Z #04-06 — Suddenly… Penis!

February 1st, 2014


I think people at Toei need to get laid.


This was a very… uh… sexualized set of episodes. First the naked kid with obligatory penis, then Japan pulled out the “we’re going to draw and voice this as a female, but it secretly has a dick,” card for the first time I’ve seen in a while. By that point, I was expecting the third part to be about them worshipping a giant statue of a mushroom that was leaking white fluid. Instead, they just settled for run of the mill hot springs T&A with white foam covering anything that would forever corrupt the minds of children who might see it. Children such as the one they drew the penis of earlier. And then everyone got drunk off evil magic and started stripping/grinding on each other. I find your censorship practices confusing, Toei.

It was unfortunately a lot weaker than the first episode(s) though, the second part in particular. Both the two-faced thing and the penis punchline are jokes that feel like they traveled through time from five years ago when they were all the rage to join us today. I can’t give too many points to the third part either because a big part of it was centered around tone deaf wailing (and traditional Japanese music, which may as well be the same to American me). Make it a joke all you want, but you’re still putting my ears in pain. That just leaves the first part to carry it and while I’d put it easily above any of the other comedy I’ve watched for the last… uh… month since the first episode(s) of this, it was a very predictible kind of explosive chaos that didn’t escalate as well as it really should have and culminated in, again, penis.

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