Hamatora #02 — Inception Bullying

January 14th, 2014


Who bullies the bullied for bullying the bullied bullies?


I think this is where Ham Tiger and I part ways. The antagonist this time being a teen who was being bullied for being a bully. And unlike when South Park did it, didn’t end up with a naked masturabation song and dance number, which displays a certain lack of awareness on someone’s part. It certainly could have hurt. Also, this was all due to a teacher who was using his magical powers to turn his sketches based off of message boards where bullies get together to brag about bullying into photos. Because apparently that’s how you climb the ladder from teacher to rich person. I don’t think “different culture” covers this one. And then they wrecked his memorial because him being dead isn’t vengeance enough. Also, some guy has a brain collection. Normally, this would peg him as an antagonist, but given this show’s writing, I’m guessing deli owner.

I admit though that I pretty much checked out of the episode as soon as it became about pretending to be teenagers and going to school, but especially when there was a ‘hilarious’ lunch rush, which also happened to be pretty much the only action scene of the episode. I think I got the gist though, but I also kind of hope I didn’t.


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  • Jenanime4eva says:

    This is Japanese lunch time rush! :P