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Tokyo Ravens #12 — Whoring Your Familiar Out

December 24th, 2013


Do we really need to revisit the pseudo-dead not-girl at this much length?

The first Freezing Vibration DVD extra is the E-Pans attaching various electrodes and suction cups to Bridg’s nipples and other body parts (none have anything more than basically dental floss panties on) while floating in zero G, and then molesting her until she orgasms while Kazuya moans. It’s like… cuckolding lesbian tentacle space porn. I’m sure your imagination can do that more justice than any massively sprite censored post I could make.


Going into the week with an exciting and action packed episode, I see. I’d be more vitriolic, but I think I prefer this than it trying to pull out a cliffhanger after how the last few ‘exciting’ episodes have turned out. Natsume’s even less convincing as a male in a regular shirt and short shorts too, although I feel like I should say the same about Harutora with his rolled up sleeves. I’m assuming everyone’s just ignoring her shrieking girlishly and her shaved legs. Harutora seems to be oddly hairless too. Maybe he waxes. His entire body.

Of course, Not-Oral Girl has to have her own spin on the regular shirts too in order to more fully stand out too, just like every one of the main characters. Now this is subtlety in character design! I’m not even sure if that’s fully sarcasm. I mean it’s a good thing to make characters obviously different in non-obtrusive ways, but when that’s a major thought one has about an episode, something else has gone horribly wrong. But now Harutora might suspect that the only magic user he knew in the area might be the magic user who made the quasi-dead girl! Gasp! Only ten more episodes before he puts together the final clues for the ending arc.

The show’s off next week and is scheduled to return on Tuesday, the 7th.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jodanyo says:


    I can’t decide whether her reaction is because H rejected her in favor of the sex doll shikigami she made , or H’s brain being the size of a fly’s :D


  • The Phantom says:

    I suspect that the reason nobody notes Natsume obviously being a girl but the teachers and susuka is that she uses spells/magic to hide it, would not be too far fetched to think that she hides her boobs at will.

    She can probably hide her gender from everyone that is weaker than her or not skilled enough, this is anime though there is no reason to hard think stuff here, it just works like that.

    Took this guy 10 episodes to realize Hokuto and Natsume are linked?, I was seriously thinking Natsume had casted an spell on him to prevent him from realizing it, but it seems he was just being dense all along… it’s just anime after all.


    FlameStrike says:

    He’s not a baka-Tora for nothing. Seriously super dense!!


  • Fate says:

    I just really hope they get to the big plot twist and the following arc before they end this.


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