Yozakura Quartet #04 — Ao’s Underwear is Safe

October 27th, 2013


Until next week at least.

I flipped through Walkure just to see if it’d change for the better (or the worse). It did not. Half of it didn’t even leave Pink, so… no. Glasses Thing meanwhile, had another flashback to how dark and dreary life was before the club. It was better than last week’s dreary affair, but the glasses stuff has run thin and it seems that they already stretched themselves to the limit with things like eye tests in the first episode and are content to dial things back, and slow everything down to a tedious crawl.  


Another episode of spinning its wheels. I’m sure I’d be at least somewhat less annoyed if it hadn’t begun with two episodes of the antagonists before they all went away to go have a nap for a few weeks. When introducing evil witches working under wolf-wizard-body-snatchers, I wouldn’t think to myself "Boy, gotta limit these!" It’d at least be understandable if there was something else going on keeping the protagonists busy, but this episode was just pissing time away with no direction or purpose at all. I do like the characters, but let’s at least endevor to have some reason for an episode to exist, and no, the expositional dump at the end out of nowhere and Hime having a hissy fit over it doesn’t count.

Anyway, first half was pool times, which means no panty shots for Ao. They didn’t even toss one in when she was bending over at the TV at the start of the second half, making the whole thing with her underwear even more confusing. You can’t even call it a series gag now, just something they weirdly do a lot. Second half was Hime’s… cousin maybe? visiting and doing all the things Hime does. Eat, wear a scarf, sing the tsundere song, etc but in a higher pitched voice. Well then pack it in. Christmas has come early.

Next Episode:

Eh. Better than nothing.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • raccon says:

    Finally they are starting the Thorny Road arc!!

  • Eric says:

    I know nothing about this show or these characters, but these two shots made me smile for some reason.

  • anise_punter says:

    I feel like this is JC Staff secretly doing this season under some pseudonym.