Tokyo Ravens #01 — Oral Fixation

October 8th, 2013


And a disturbing amount of blushing.


You know, Japan, a childhood promise with a girl is not a hook to an episode. Nor is "my life is totally normal." You can probably safely assume that is the standard for most people. Twenty minutes are not required to set this up no matter how twist turned upside down his life may get by episode 2. Nobody ever said "wow, these mystical things are pretty cool, but what I really want is to see him eat more ice cream on a bench." Which brings us to this show’s almost disturbing oral fixation. It does deserve some points in the notority category for straight up ripping off Kill Bill’s Twisted Nerve thing with Oral Fixation girl’s entrance, right down to the ‘creepy’ whistling, but I laughed and I’m about 90% sure that wasn’t the intended response. Actually, I guess that the frequency and depth with which every character… and dogs… blush may unease me a little more.

As one might expect from an episode that was about 95% talking heads and sucking on things, production was not what one would call impressive. And then, when something was finally about to happen, it did so with corny awkward awful CGI vans bursting in out of nowhere. And then a big CGI golem that fed her a big black dick banana which she proceeded to fellate before it ate her with its crotch so she could stick her tongue down the protagonist’s throat as fireworks went off in the background. I’m sure I’m making it sound more exciting than it actually was, although it was certainly manna from on high after the previous dull 20 minutes of the episode.

A minute or two of bad CGI and licking things does not a compelling show make though. Sure, at least there was no inner monologuing, but there wasn’t anything else really filling the time either. While I’ll probably check in a least a little bit next week since Oral Fixation Girl is at least more amusing than the rest of the cast combined, it’s going to have to step it up a lot more than this dull episode.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Goldys says:

    All those kisses in the preview, this show will be lewd.

  • skurai says:

    WOW there was a lot of blushing… yea even the dog… thank god for “oral fixation girl”, lets see how long she will last till at the end of this arc she goes away till its convenient for her to return (Im just guessing that this will happen these kind of show tend to get repetitive)

  • Fate says:

    I like the blonde villain so I will certainly watch more of this. I enjoy proactive women.

  • Ossan-nanajimi says:

    oh wow. The manga adaptation already cut most of the novel and the anime version cut most of what the manga left uncut.
    At least the anime didn`t touch the mcs` personalities – unlike the manga

  • icymirage says:

    That pre-opening intro has got to be the worse ever. He sits there bored in the classroom for like 30 seconds. That’s supposed to hook me?

    Fortunately, this blog makes this anime sound awesome, but in actuality, they just talk a lot about nothing (how are your parents? oh, they’re fine). It would actually be better if they blushed, made out, and summoned 3D monsters all the time. Here’s hoping next episode has fast-than-glacier pacing.

    Oh, and are you going to cover Pokemon Origins? Pika!

  • elior1 says:

    yes please cover pokemon origins it only 4 episodes with badass character