Shots of Scenery #01 — Attack of the Recorder

October 7th, 2013


Why can’t it ever be saxophones?


This episode begins with two and a half minutes of scenery. That should be enough to frame how the rest of this post will go. And five minutes of low key drama does not magically transform itself into slice of life just because it’s been stretched out to moronic levels. This episode certainly did have a narrative and purpose centering around the new girl, they were just so stretched out to be practically transparent and then further diluted by a third the episode being little more than pans over backgrounds.

I already didn’t trust double reeds, but I think this episode also awakened a hatred of recorders that I wasn’t aware existed. It loves using them as the background music for a childish/unrefined kind of feeling, forgetting perhaps that the reason recorders aren’t used for music usually is because they’re really goddamned shrill and don’t sound particularly good, triply so when you’re trying to make it sound like the kind of thing third graders would play, full of staccato punchy obnoxiousness.

I feel like I said little about the content, but then I remember that so much of it in the episode can be had by literally just looking at the screencaps, and you wouldn’t even suffer the shrill brayings of a recorder either. It’s slow, dull, and hurt my ears. Not things that make me scream "Boy, I want to watch more of this!"

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • supramax says:

    Slice of the life of nature…

  • Kitsu says:

    But-but I going to watch more of this

  • anise_punter says:

    Didn’t the Airsoft girls show use saxophones? Why would you want more of that?

  • Kadi says:

    Makes me wonder if aroduc EVER screamed “Boy, I want to watch more of this!” about an anime… Sorry, can’t see it.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    It is just porn… plain SCENERY porn. Two minutes of scenery porn to start the show off effectively relegated this to the do not watch bin. Yes, it’s actually nicely animated chock full of scenery porn but the feeling here is that it didn’t market itself to continue watching to episode 2… unless you are a crazed scenery porn lover.

    The only thing that can save this is naked 1st grade lolis/shotas.

  • Anonymous says:

    Saxophone is for gentleman. Obviously anime about bunch of girls won’t using it.