Kill la Kill #03 — Ya Gotta Believe!

October 17th, 2013


For all they preach about purity, you know someone on staff is touching themselves to the cameltoe closeups.


I was almost sort of getting into it until Mako showed up, although after the other three things today, it’s still the easy winner. I wish Japan would just declare a damn moratorum on belief or self-esteem powered anythings. Or at the very least, just force any writer who even thinks about saying something like "the power of the heart" or "our hearts as one" or "don’t be ashamed of being you" has to spend a week being ridden around like horses by Comiket attendees. The whole thing was done with all the subtlety of a hippo in a trenchcoat anyway, but it was only after Mako appeared to derail the entire tone of the fight did the hippo open up its coat and start flashing its ugly misshapen hippo penis around before ending on a truly inexplicable and arbitrary "With your new power, you’ve proven yourself to nearly be my equal… Now prove your worth! More! Proovier!"

The first half of the episode… eh. Infodumping and the annoying ‘comedy’ that has nearly fully transitioned from background or incidental wackiness to all out ZIS IS WHERE ZE COMEDY GOES ZE JOKE TIME IZ NOW YOU WILL LAUGH OR YOU WILL GET ZE HOSE. See? They pretended to go to bed and then peeped on her. How do you know it’s the joke? Because it’s what she says the joke is. It reeks a little bit of desperation, like they couldn’t figure out how to actually turn it into a joke so they just spazzed out on the screen and hoped nobody would notice that all they did was just state a situation that might have been funny, which is highly debatable in and of itself. It’s starting to be how I feel about near everything Mako’s involved with.

Next Episode:

Ugh. This will be painful.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • UltimaLuminaire says:

    This is not a show about self esteem or determination, as much as they like saying it is.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Hey, Aroduc.

    At least the show has energy.

  • algorithm says:

    This show really could do without Mako.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Mako’s little brother is a fucking trap.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this is a show where we need to completely suspend any logic, everything seems intended to be over the top and ridiculous. Iliked it though, ironicaly because it made me WTF-ing every second

  • ttsukasa says:

    The Hateration is strong within this room.

    I think you’re looking at things in the wrong view. So far this show has been about a rollar coaster of fun and smiles, and if you’re not smiling and enjoying the ride, you should probably get off.

    What I mean is that literally from the beginning till the end of this episode, it was the “pre-story/prequel” to the real story, it starts with a jumpstart that has the viewer cracking up from the getgo (ninja kid HAS An SMOKEBOMB in school, and is running down the stairs while badguy smiles as he FALLS OUT THE WINDOW CHASING HIM, come on that’s just LOLWTF), and it literally keeps that theme throughout the anime. “This is awesome, but crazy” just as a rollarcoaster is both thrillingly fun and scary.

    I’ve noticed the more the show goes to one side of the deep end, the harder it rebounds. When the action or drama gets deep, addictive, trancelike, BAM SUPER wacky comedy out of nowhere that makes you realize that you’re not watching DBZ or some other life or death battle. I like that balance personally because in a way it mocks all the past genre by doing so saying “I dont take you to be series and wont follow your path, I’ll make my own, while MOCKING yours.

    The sailor moon girls had to put on their outfits the exact same way… by going nude transforming and then having said outfits on them. This however gives you the details on exactly how such an outfit transformation would actually go, and it is unapologetic about it. Why should it be ashamed of a female putting on a magical suit. (although once on, that suit… lmao DAT SUIT in itself just mocks MMORPG rule of light armor.)

    If nothing else has you cracking up, Mr smooth teacher who undresses for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL (fairy tail?) and “puts the moves” on the main character should have you dying in your seat from enjoyment overload. Unless you’ve never had such a “move” put on you or tried to employ the whole “scoot closer” technique on a date. I find it refreshing for them to point out just how cheesy it really is.

    Since FLCL till panty and stockings, the director has kept to his core. Idk why you expect more from him. He’s refined and perfected what he’s good at, and he’s very very good at what he’s good at. I wouldn’t judge a rock star by how much his song doesn’t sound like Classical Piano music.

    Also honestly, at this point, has he not completely mocked and made shallow the entire point of fanservice in this anime? like would anything else really amaze/delight anyone? Usually you need mystery to play on the “fan service” card, viewers have to wonder “I wonder what’s left under that last article of clothing”. “I wonder if i’ll get a glimpse”. It feels like KLK simply said HERE SEE IT ALL OKAY MOVE THE HECK ON WITH LIFE LETS GET TO THE GOOD STUFF. Also with the background characters looking like total retards will ogling the main characters, It tends to make you feel silly/look silly to join them.