Infinite Stratos #15 — The Endless Cycle

October 10th, 2013


I feel like we’ve seen this before.


Couldn’t they think of something else besides "new girl flirts with Ichika, all the others get upset, but she’s the strongest of them all!" Anything else? Or is this like… the required cycle every single time a new one is introduced? Ichika’s apparent narcolepsy and prophetic-type dreams this season are also already getting a bit wearisome. He’s seemed to become more incompetent in general this season after his power up or whatever at the end of last one. Now, he’s flying in circles around balls and losing to Cici from a single rifle shot.

Anyway, new girl introduction and little surprising here. She’s flirtatious, immediately becomes the physically closest to him, just like Charlotte and Laura did, and all the other girls turn into morons due to it, just like with them too.  Not that I’m saying we need more sudden cuts straight into multiple of the girls with their legs spread wide and crotches rubbing against half the screen or orgasming into their exosuits, but given the alternative of just going through this cycle again and again and again, I’m not sure how much it would hurt either. Go big or don’t bother.

Next Episode:

Back to the maid cafe.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • wawa says:

    Ugh. Is it me or the production is worst than before? It’s totally nauseating…

  • algorithm says:

    I remember the first season being about Cecilia at the same point, the stupid idiot who can’t cook but reeeally want to, needless to say it was absolutely awful. So far I would call NotRei and her antics an improvement.