Golden Time #01 — Comparisons to Yeast

October 3rd, 2013


Flashbacks and recycled footage in the first episode are never a good sign.


And here we have the opposite from KLK, where the visuals and characters are subdued and dull, but when it’s time for a hi-larious joke, all of a sudden it’s shouted, silly over-exaggerated faces abound, etc. As the dachshund said to the amorous rhinoceros, it doesn’t fit. And the freedom of my brain to come up with lines like that hopefully shows just how engaging this episode was. There’s bland, always-internally monologuing, male protagonist A that it was mainly centered on who has a personality rivaling yeast including somehow worming its way inevitably toward multiple women’s crotches already, shouty male protagonist B lacks volume control and who is apparently meant to be the ‘humor’ of the show, and female protagonist C who is the perfectest girl ever but protagonist B doesn’t like her because he’s allergic to vaginas.

Overall, I kind of have a hard time coming up with much to say. It doesn’t leave much of an impression in any way I can think of. It’s on the low end of the production spectrum in pretty much every way, although that’s not much of a surprise for JC Staff these days. The episode flashed quickly over a bunch of characters as obvious introduction, but none of them are interesting or having much of a personality to speak of. I guess have pretty much the same feelings toward it as I do Outbreak earlier except more skewed toward the "makes me want to sleep" than "makes me want to throttle people." If it was supposed to be a comedy, I wasn’t laughing. If it was supposed to be some kind of drama, most of the characters bored me besides Shouty, who was annoying. I guess not doing anything notably horrible is… something, but what here is supposed to stand out? What’s the hook? Why should I keep watching?

Next Episode:

Harem Building 101.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jpmeyer says:

    If Golden Time doesn’t involve any golden showers I’m going to be VERY disappointed.

  • Afrosquirrel says:

    Why hello there Ms. Monochrome

  • Benigmatica says:

    Let’s see if this series would become “The Next Greatest Love Story Ever Told”?

  • icymirage says:

    You sure this is not a dating sim?

  • The Phantom says:

    I certainly did not like this episode, I however have it marked as a must watch, I don’t even remember why I marked it like that! same creator of toradora? Same studio as Asura Cryin? anyway I am too lazy to check and will give it a second episode, however if it is more of the same I am dropping it… fast.