Dateali V #05 — Sexually Harassing Little Girls

April 27th, 2013


State sponsored at that.


Touka continues to lose the points that she had by acting overly insecure and angsty. Especially when you’re dealing with tempermental superpowered anythings, acting out in the corner of their room is just about the worst thing you can do if you can go in that direction. Either overplay it for giggles, or bring in the laser cannons. Origami may have had a slight upswing this episode for poisoning him and then mounting him, but then she ruined that scene by making him call her more familiarly instead of forcing him to say that he’s her bitch. Of course, most harem shows would be improved if one or all of them just grabbed the protagonist’s junk and declared it for their personal use only, on threat of lasers. Or maybe this just needs to take the Campione approach of keeping them all docile on large doses of protagonist saliva.

Otherwise, pretty much by the numbers without any surprises. Not that "guy has to get close to awkward girl who wants him to get close to her" is exactly a fertile land for writing, even with lasers or dissolving clothes, but at least it was only two episodes. If anything, it was pretty anticlimatic, especially compared to the end of Touka’s deal, and the dissolving clothes just went straight into the special extra boring single frame ED. Even the fighting was just kind of there without any real reason and if not for giving a reason for Touka and Origami to be there, may as well have not existed. The animation budget’s keeping up better than most shows this season though. They could certainly stand to focus it a little better to make some impressive scenes every other episode or so instead of short mediocre ones in the background while people are rambling each week. Hopefully this is the end of all that insecurity nonsense, although I somehow doubt it.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    So, Touka is still a needy attention whore eh? I guess you can’t expect anything else from a Houki clone when other boobs than hers start to stick to MC’s dick.

    • Wilfriback says:

      Excuse me, a clon?
      Tohka openly says she doesn’t wants Shidou to look at her and is an ignorant and lacks social skills.

      Houki was/is a bitch who even abused her powers to attack the mc without saying a word most of the times.

      • moridin84 says:

        “her powers to attack the mc without saying a word most of the times.”
        In a robot-suit-thing which could break holes in walls.

    • jingoi says:

      A fellow Houki hater, yay.

  • Hero of the End says:

    Houki cute but not tsundere enough. Main character plain pathetic. Hermit pure awesomeness