The Monster Next to Me #11 — The Melancholy of Blondie

December 10th, 2012


Does anybody even care about this schmuck?


Have I mentioned any time in the last month that I hate Blondie and see no point for his existence? So an episode that begins with him monologuing to himself, is centered around him, and continues to go absolutely nowhere is just bloody fantastic. If they were actually developing Shizu’s relationship with him, maybe they’d at least have a sellable love triangle, if not for the title of the show obviously revealing it to be false. It’d still be an actual source of conflict in the relationship though instead of half-assing the whole thing, probably in fear of presenting any relationship but the one true fated pairing as actually possible. There was even some goddamned melodrama rain to top things off.

At least the Shizu-eating bits that bookended it were cute. They were also about the sum and total of the comedy in this episode. Lovely.


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