Total Eclipse #18 — Return of Coeurl Express

November 4th, 2012


Oh boy. Talking heads, flashbacks, and insecurity.


What a damned pointless episode. Sum total: Yuuya’s in a pissing contest with the Americans is that he’s sort of responsible for getting someone killed. Their little test squad leader. Killed by falling rocks. The way they did this was copious… copious flashbacks going over the entire affair from start to finish. Of course, considering that they were grinning as they fought last week and are more rivals than anything, that amounts to utter crap. Then again, they did such a bad job with it that it’s hard for me to believe that they think it should be taken particularly seriously either, kind of like this entire tournament arc. Has it really been going on for a month now?  I’m seriously asking.

The whole show has been on a treadmill ever since they left Russia, going absolutely nowhere with a snail’s pace. I prefer the carousel approach where every episode ended with the BETA invading the base for a month. At least that had some explosions and the illusion of progress before it reset things back to where they were twenty minutes ago. Or the bikini episodes. Those had breasts.

Oh, and the Sino/Nippon relations are at an all time low due to female hormones and insecurity. I’m still trying to understand what the Chinese girl’s purpose even is, if any. To make Yui MORE insecure? The only possible other thing that could manage that is anything.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    we were supposed to take this series seriously?

  • Gorilla13 says:

    That Leon dude is just like the brat in Gundamn Seed Destiny, having a “used” good as girlfriend trolololo

  • algorithm says:

    This episode Inia said something meaningful.
    Leon and Yuuya are faggots, fucking Sharon didn’t help.
    And flashback from France because why not.

    Stupid chewies.