The Monster Next to Me #09 — I Dream of Fish

November 26th, 2012


I miss the chicken.


Yawn. Continues to go nowhere very slowly, and not to repeat myself, but I could not care less about blondie. He could disappear from the show altogether and it wouldn’t be any worse for the wear. The opposite even. He’s uninteresting to watch and they sure as hell aren’t even pretending there’s any kind of triangle there, so I have no idea why he keeps getting as much focus as he has been lately. Same with anything involve Natsume and being serious. And since that was practically the entire second half of the episode, you know how thrilled I am.

They could be doing more with her, but that’d require some actual focus instead of bouncing her back and forth between comic relief and bursting into tears like she’s riding a bipolar seesaw. Some random girls literally walk into the donut shop, sending her into a black and white angsty flashback, then begin mocking her until she starts crying, whereupon she’s saved by her man surrounded by a pink haze. At least they restrained themselves somewhat. There were no bishie sparklies.  


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