The Monster Next to Me #07 — Licking Face

November 12th, 2012


Why do I feel like we’ve already seen most of this episode before?


Comedy continues to decline, Shizu and Haru spend more time apart which is great because they have absolutely no comedic or romantic chemistry with literally anybody else except maybe Natsume who has also all but disappeared from the show, and their relationship continues to go absolutely nowhere. I can’t say that I’m shocked or anything, but it’s frustrating regardless, especially when they try to milk emotion and meaning out of ‘spontaneous’ declarations of love. It’s been 7 episodes now and they do it every other episode. Can’t we at least have some kind of impetus for it? Or if you want these constant ‘breakups’ to actually be buyable, then do a little more than pay lipservice to them for half a few minutes where nobody even acts any differently.


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