Armored Angels #04 — Wacky Races

October 25th, 2012


I would’ve preferred Snidely Whiplash over the annoying vermin.


At least the whole kart racing thing ended up being almost  ridiculous enough, but honestly not quite. The setups were there, but the punchlines weren’t. Lene was secretly sneaking off in the morning to compete in high stakes street racing to win a vacation for MAAAAAAASTER with Ines following along because she was jealous from not getting attention from MAAAAAAASTER. If they just skipped those last parts and went full Speed Racer parody, complete with Ines as the ‘mysterious’ Racer X, well… alas. They also felt like that was not enough content to fill up the episode, because they also had to have Ann wandering around providing various needed parts at random.

Of course, the kart racing lasted a little under 15 seconds before the vermin dumped everyone in a hole and they all just switched to their car forms anyway. Or took various wheeled vehicles from a bin. It does make you wonder though. If these things are regularly congregating and then roaming all over the city unsupervised, willfully causing destruction, chaos, and property damage, it’s only a matter of time before the robot uprising begins. At least they had a mermaid commentator. That is an "at least" thing, right? Where else were they going to work one of those in? Like they’d ever have a beach episode. And certainly not next week or anything.


Obligatory beach episode.

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  • The Phantom says:

    You dropped Robotic notes? is better than this at least, and seems to be improving episode by episode, this one in change is just awful.