Oda Nobuna #11 — Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies

September 16th, 2012


I’m sure.


I guess Saru didn’t get the message that this was super emotional drama time, but then Mysterious Masked Man appeared nad stabbed the guy next to him and both of them just stood around. You know. Like you do in combat. You stab a guy, and then you bask in it. Especially if you’re motivated by revenge and you’ve stabbed the wrong guy. It’s hard to feel much for the random generics sacrificing themselves for him too. That’s something that would’ve been better shown by quantity of bodies left protecting him and perhaps even his own screwups during the retreat, not speeches.

And honestly? The ninja ‘killed’ him with what was mostly a smoke bomb, leaving nothing behind? This is the reason we are reduced to a screaming rage and run straight at the guy with a ‘gun’? Why not just drop him off a cliff into darkness too. That’ll make it easily three times as convincing! It was also apparently a good enough excuse to give Nobuna some kind of shady drug that made her dream she got married to Saru and then he died. Maybe that’s why she cries all the damn time. They’ve been secretly feeding her copious amounts of opium in her sleep. I’ve never liked these "maybe the main character died" ploys for drama either. They obviously never do and it’s only rarely that it’s used for some actual development elsewhere instead of characters moping, talking about how important they were, and declaring revenge on the person they were already trying to kill anyway, before the status quo is once again restored upon their ‘heroic’ return. Or if it’s a Sunrise show, their return on the antagonist side wearing an opera mask.

I am also relatively certain that iPhones are not bulletproof. Even against Sengoku-era muskets.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Haha bulletproof phones. Saving lives on this show and the Boondocks.

  • Gorilla13 says:

    Smoke bomb?! B-but what about the hand that flew off from the smoke? How can you explain that? Don’t tell me it’s your hand… but then, how can you masturbate without it?

    moridin84 says:

    Okay so you are saying that you think he’s actually dead?

  • moridin84 says:

    It’s obviously a rugged version of the iPhone.

    Already you can crack walnuts with them, bulletproof ones won’t be far off.

  • iamwhoiam says:

    Considering that lead musket balls have a tendency to deform quite a bit on impact, it doesn’t seem that unreasonable for the phone to make the shot way less effective. What’s really outrageous is the guy carrying a cannon that size by himself. Even if he could manage the weight and recoil, the heat of the barrel would melt his hands off.

    moridin84 says:

    Plus he didn’t seem to need to reload it.

  • porn says:

    tanegashima did not use cased-shell bullet . there is no gunpowder chamber for the ballistic

  • jesteR says:

    cue last pict;
    it’s not about money, it’s about sending a message… everything burn.