Love, an Election, and Chocolate #11 — Dramabooooooomb!

September 20th, 2012


On the other hand, the end of this episode was probably the funniest moment this season.


Angsty angsty first half. Chisato’s thing is more about pleasing the men in her life and her inability to please Daiki anymore, although it’s still pretty much displacing her feelings onto Yuuki. Mifuyu, on the other hand, decides that the proper way to respond to Chisato bawling her eyes out and yelling at her that she actually likes him too is to strip down to apparently a second pair of clothes she was wearing underneath the first, revealing a big ol’ scar across the baby oven and leave, because everybody should be grumpy apparently. I’m not sure what the plan was the next day. Have her bring all her clothes over? Anyway, Chisato’s issues overcome by being told that it can’t be all about her (and aforementioned Mifuyu angsting), while Mifuyu’s plot to run away was foiled by the power of stairs. Elsewhere, the shadow council seems to have nothing better to do than taunt him and get him riled up over his women.

Then in half #2, we go full on corny spy popcorn flick along with terrible harmonica song and searching montage. But at least the harmonica was magical enough to bring ol’ whose her face back out of her car induced coma. They could’ve probably picked a better spot to hang out than the middle of the damn road again. Then the real insert song kicked in, the auras flared, and we all had a touching emotional moment between characters who have had less growth than most puddles and everybody goes back to the election. Oh, and Chisato’s overcome her one-sided chocolate fits so they share a nice uh… non-platonic smile. Well, until Chisato tells some random guy that they’re dating, so he tosses them into the glare-iest mock wedding ever. Then the post-wedding kiss is interrupted by a taser/kidnapping because there’s still an episode to go, and if we’re going to have silly drama to end it, we might as well take things to truly ridiculous levels.

I think it was the violin ED beginning during the tazing that really made that scene shine. What? It wasn’t meant to be humorous? Well tough. Because it was hilarious.



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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Big d says:

    Thi show took the worst route with the worst lest popular girl i hope the BD sales fail. Also talk bout no caring bout fan like nobody likes chisato childhood friends suck and so does this show. i hope chisato gets raped next episode

    • jowny says:

      Is this your first time watching anime? Of course theyd always pick the worst girl…It happened in Kanon, Clannad, Shuffle, etc…Don’t even get ur hopes up with these kinds of shows :)

      • neko says:

        Really…I mean Kanon an Shuffle,yes…not the best girls but you can’t say Nagissa was the worst girl in the series

  • The Phantom says:

    Fuck I’m pissed with this anime, not only Chisato is boring as hell she is also freaking mad and distrubing, what happened with satsuki? what happened with the teacher?, why this anime has to go for the worst ending ever, stupid anime not gonna bother watching last episode, I’m fucking pissed.

  • Burnout says:

    The problem is that Chisato’s route is the canonical one. You have to complete her path – in the VN- before any of the other girls are available.

  • doctor KLAC-who says:

    drama & conspiracy mix together is really uh oh we’re in trouble.

    so give tomoya 2.0 being explain & reasons that close eyes pres need him run for pres cause to keep kana in hospital all safe & hidden give conspiracy going on.

    while chisato & mifuyu alone see that chisato still having probs give cause using tomoya 2.0 as replace for daiki yet enough is enough so plan show body scar yet they both patch-up all fine.

    hearing conspiracy tomoya 2.0 seem like either play their game or pay the price so cue call michiru where kana & give reason you stink on close eyes pres.

    nurse michuru inject shot a guard, rescue kana, play harmonica cue kana awake & everyone make-up all fine with chisato eat chocolate.

    look all good with pretend wedding with chisato & tomoya 2.0 til “wedding catchers” kidnap chisato cue big to be continued…

  • moridin84 says:

    Chisato END? Pfff.

  • longhaul says:

    “is to strip down to apparently a second pair of clothes she was wearing underneath the first”

    Isn’t the second set what she was pulling out of the closet?