The Aesthetics of an Antihero #07 — Weak Against One Pieces

August 16th, 2012


Although it’s not abundantly clear how he was disabling the males. They just… disappeared.


Yeesh. All that stuff back in the previous world was just in one ear and out the other. Yes, yes. Generic RPG nonsense. I get it. I have indeed been exposed to some manner of fantasy media at some point in the last 20 years. Nothing new here. Nothing interesting. Nobody’s half-naked. Probably not helped by the game of tag/steal the bikini tops that made up about the other two thirds of the episode. I’m not sure which part of the episode was just padding out time to make an excuse for the other though. Nor am I exactly sure how or why the thought a 7 foot deep hole would stop Akatsuki.

Weirdly enough, they didn’t really do too terrible a job with the production this week considering the content was the epitome of brainless. Maybe all those taking heads freed up the budget. I’m not even sure why we’re putzing around with the other world after they supposedly were setting things up last week with some manner of terrorist group. And maybe I’d pay more attention if they were sending the maid army again. And Motoharu remains as poorly handled as ever. Wasn’t the school president roaming around freezing things at some point too?  They really seem to have absolutely no idea what to do with males in this show besides Akatstuki.



Back to school.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Shirokuma says:

    Next week, back to the BETA. Oh, wait…

  • Shadow says:

    Is the power of the penis

  • Gorilla13 says:

    lol that long-haired phaggot will be pwned. I always love it when beta phaggots like this guy getting all conceited then get his ass kicked.

    On another note, seems like sir spammer is not here yet for several days. Probably can’t find the ep on his anime streaming sites, or he does find something more meaningful to do than copy pasta his comments everywhere whoring for attention.

  • KLACMAN says:

    this week ep

    beach time while miu find right swim wear for beach.
    meanwhile in other world some of them wonder if demon king’s daughter is hiding & assume where is hiding.
    everyone in beach time for fun then here kaidou show beach game for all to play.
    game is on & target is boss akatsuki to catch his pants.
    so boss akatsuki so if target maybe should hunt them all take their swimwear as well.
    cue boss akatsuki own’d everyone in beach.
    back in other world they feeling demon king daughther in akatsuki’s world.
    back to beach boss akatsuki can walk on water & quicksand pwn the lesbian.
    almost going for kana hana til kaidou to the rescue cause why think of the children so spare kana hana.
    next get vice pres in women shower yea boss akatsuki got her all.
    miu in water hiding til oops swimsuit don’t worry boss akatsuki got her out for safety.
    & in other world now full certain demon king daughter in akatsuki’s world so send someone get her.

    next ep return school time.

  • moridin84 says:

    He can walk on water? Even though he says “I can’t use magic” isn’t is ability much more useful then magic? Magic seems to be mostly used for explosions here.

  • jingoi says:

    Oh joy, a piss excuse to not show a nude loli when we’ve got Koneko and others I can’t remember right now. Akatsuki’s going to romance Miu, obvious from the 1st 30+ seconds so no more hiding her goods from the no name-kuns who have 0 chance.

  • The Phantom says: