Oda Nobuna #06 — Brilliant Strategies

August 12th, 2012


Has the plan to destroy your own men along with the enemy’s ever worked?


Ah, Sunomata. You were always a completely ridiculous and nonsensical mission involving far too many escort mini-missions. Interestingly enough though, this one wasn’t really focused on it and instead on Nobuna’s feint. She was actually fairly decent this week for about the first time too. Removing Saru from the equation did her character nothing but good. I’m not entirely sure that this arc deserved a special ending sequence for the Mino arc and touching speech about how Dousan’s now her father figure considering their interactions outside of strategy sessions have been… uh… close to nonexistent. But hey, at least things continue to cruise right along with stuff happening every week.

The show also continues to flex its budget at the weirdest of times, doing a pretty nice job with the initial battle this week (although the attack on Sunomata was… ugly), although it still continues to not actually have any passable antagonists and instead relies on cannon fodder, which just makes Goemon’s ‘death’ and associated screaming to the heavens utterly ridiculous. It looks like that’ll hopefully be changing next week with a glut of new characters who, by the OP, will be taking over for Yoshitatsu and hopefully Nagamasa since he continues to be about as threatening as Dr. Robotnik.


New people.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gorilla13 says:

    Why the hell does the monkey never changes his clothes?! And useless Katsuie is useless, can never do anything right. Stupid big boobs.

    Anon says:

    It would help you knew history, Katsuie is more known because of his loyalty when Nobukatsu attempted the coup and later with the siege at Chokoji Castle.

    Are you surprised that something that Hideyoshi is known from doing is being done by Hideyoshi stand-in? The reason why Nobuna looks better this episode is because Saru will always steal the shown when its about Hideyoshi accomplishments as it should.

  • eternia says:

    Next episode seems to be the appearance of Masamune Date, as implied by the eyepatch.
    Finally a worthy opponent?

    Anon says:

    Doubtful, Date was one of the last to resist Hideyoshi (that was way at the end of the Sengoku period) and I dont think he directly clashed with Nobunaga.

    Next Episode is “Nobuna Advances on Kyoto”, Date was also a westernfag like Nobunaga and allowed Christians Missionaries (until the persecution started) so I really dont think so since Kyoto was controlled by the Hosokawa clan until Nobunaga attacked the city … a bit of trivia but Hosokawa Gracia that was one of the few Samurai that converted to Christianity was the daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide.

  • SYMBV says:

    The story follows quite closely to the exploitation of the real Oda Nobunaga, so you should not expect any real protagonist. To me this anime is the top of this season, perhaps because I read so much about the history of that period. The anime actually got me to read more about the history at that time and learned for example the legend of the Hideyoshi building a “castle” overnight at Sunomata. The animation (sakuga) is done superbly and the girls stick much closer to their historical counterparts compared with other similar girls-in-historical-figures like Sengoku Collection. I talked to a number of japanese anime fans and quite many found this anime impressive enough to check the original light novel, which apparently contains even more historical details which anime has to cut because of the length limit. The final twist of naming the captured castle Gifu which can also means “step-father” is a masterstroke too BTW. In short, an anime that I did not have much expectation at beginning but won me over with attention to history and balanced treatment of the characters (history vs moe) as well as top-class animation quality.