Aquarion EVOL #23 — Woof Woof?

June 3rd, 2012


A magical dog? Really?


So, uh… apparently Amata and Kagura are actually a magical pet dog. Amata gots the wings, Kagura got the dog. There was a whole lot more in the episode that didn’t make a ton of sense, but as I gather have been directly told to my face, it all goes back to retconning the original Aquarion(s). Not like I can comment much on it. From my perspective, it was more like they just made every single thing up on the spot. I guess that’s probably an improvement? Who knows. Compared to all the other nonsense about love triangles between angels and whose the evil half of who though, the "is a magical dog" thing is what stood out the most. But that’s just the content. The presentation was told by them standing on a giant book and having pictures explained to them. So besides animated screensaver backgrounds, pans, and Gen’s stretchy arms, most of it was practically indistinguishable from a powerpoint presentation. Which as everybody knows, is the best way to tell any story.

Anyway, I guess the big event of the week besides exposition exposition exposition and more exposition was Shrade finally actually dying. Not for any real reason, mind you. Just because the portal energy decreed it so. And sure, the sum total of his interactions with the primary characters in the show is using his ill-defined powers to save their asses and mentioning how he’s about to die if he does. The only one he’s carried on a conversation of more than about 15 seconds with is Cayenne. And those were almost all in bed. But you’d think he’d finally give up the ghost against something besides "energy cloud." Zessica also managed to win the teenage hormone awards by being the first character to have a man inside her, not counting Amura/Kagata. Mykage was entirely too happy to have a woman’s body. Especially if all he was going to do with it was pilot a giant robot.


Issues with gender roles.

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16 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • exious says:

    Writers continue to shit on Zessica.

  • alex says:
    the only thing I care about is, will the two be back ?

    Quikbeam says:

    Thats pretty much all i care about at this point too, the storyline just went down hill really fast after episode 16. Its sad that i look forth more to the episode summary on this site than the actual episodes themselves. Since i stopped watching them a while ago and am waiting to see if it gets decent enough to pick up again.

  • Arabesque says:

    ” it was more like they just made every single thing up on the spot”

    So it’s more or less how the show had been since the start :P

    ”I guess that’s probably an improvement”

    In comedic value? Absolutely!

    The shippers for the anime, not only this one but the original since 5 years ago, had actually been fooled into thinking that this was a sappy story about Star Crossed lovers, when in fact it was a furriers wet dream of a dog of flanders sequel would be like lol

    This show just gotten 12000 times more hilarious.

  • The Phantom says:

    I will just quote another review:

    “Someone put this damn show out of its misery.”

  • Kaisos says:



    Fuck this show, I’m done.

    aligator says:

    The last time i watched this show, Amata was still a human.

    Seriously, some of you guys need to take a chill pill an relax.

  • Shirokuma says:

    Doggy style for Mikono.

  • YES YES YES KLAC says:

    3eps left ok then yea how it all end up?

    yea now onore mykage must have used key-bomb on zess?

  • Anonymous says:

    how to ruin a series and it’s entire prequel in a single episode, wonderful job

    whysomad says:

    Neither Genesis nor Evol where really good shows in the first place.

    Kaisos says:

    Evol was a good show up until MIX got kidnapped. Then it went downhill at an increasingly rapid pace.

    MisaoFan says:

    Let’s hope MIX will go back as a girl in this week’s released episode.

  • alex says:

    this was one of the best episodes

  • YES YES YES KLAC says:

    ONORE this entire series!!!

    yea big reveal it a dog all along are you serious bro?

    & yea now ONORE mykage-basco now got activate his bomb-key on zess to take over zess body?!

    great just really hey i would lmao on dub on version it someday so overall ONORE all of it.

  • ark noir says:

    Didn’t the gay angel out of the 1st genesis season declare to have a stiffy for solar Aquarion not Apollo the dogboy near the end? Now you have Mykage trying to get inside and feel up Solar Aquarion 12,000 yrs later.The angels are robosexual deviants.The only bright spot is Zessica will end up with someone, albeit a 1 ton robot, but at least the amata NTR ends.